“What is Corporate Chair Massage? Performed on-site at your company, a chair massage focuses on the high tension areas of the neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands.”

What are your rates?
Our rates vary depending upon the number of hours and frequency of service. The lowest rates are available for a regularly scheduled chair massage program with a 3-hour minimum per visit. Contact us and we will promptly make a quote.

Does it take a lot of staff time to manage a chair massage program?
After the initial visit, an ongoing program takes just five to ten minutes of staff time per service day. We offer strong support for the initial program startup, providing sample email announcements to educate employees, fliers, schedules and the simple instructions for your contact person for the program. We are experienced in program setup for companies of all sizes.

How many chair massages can be done in one hour and how long will they be?
Our standard chair massage is 12-13 minutes long and each Massage Therapist can provide four per hour. We can also provide five 9-minute chair massages or eight 5-minute massages. The 5-minute massages are usually used at Special Events. Chair massage can be customized to any length that you like.

What are the advantages of having an employer-subsidized chair massage program?
When an employer pays part or all of the cost, participation is much greater than an employee-paid program. There are many benefits of having a strong chair massage program. Greater participation increases the preventative strength of the program to help avoid costly Work Comp and disability claims. Corporate Touch staff care about the long-term health of employees. We are the early warning system to encourage employees to take action on a physical problem before it grows out of control. Regular contact with employees in an employer-subsidized program supports this goal. Morale is always positively impacted because employees know that their employer cares about their stress and health by providing a subsidy.

How do companies get started with chair massage?
Many companies try out the service for a visit or arrange a Special Event before making a decision for longer term service. We can even take a survey of your staff after their chair massages to assess their interest in a program and the benefit they received from just one chair massage. Some companies prefer to begin with a 3-month pilot program to have a more in-depth assessment. We are happy to take additional surveys at no charge as well as customize the survey with questions that you most want answered.

How often is chair massage recommended for the most benefit to employees?
We have found that the greatest health improvement and stress reduction for employees comes from a weekly program. However, a weekly program is not always within budget or there may not be enough employees to participate weekly. We are experts at estimating the optimal frequency of service after taking an employee survey, listening to the needs of the company and knowing the budget available for the program.

Who pays for the chair massages?
Companies who provide chair massage as an employee benefit generally contribute from 50-100% of the cost. Our staff collect any co-payments. Larger employers sometimes collect co-payments through payroll deduction.

Are there any extra costs involved?
No. Our rates are all-inclusive except for gratuity, which is optional.

Does your staff have liability insurance?
All of our Massage Therapists have professional liability insurance coverage with a minimum of $2,000,000 per incident. We are happy to provide you with additional details, upon request.

Are your Massage Therapists specially trained and certified?
All of our staff are Certified Massage Therapists with hundreds of hours of training as well as specialized training in our own chair massage method. Upon request, we can provide you with the documentation of any therapist(s) we send to your company.

Have you worked with companies like ours?
Our customers range from small offices to large corporations and hospitals with multiple locations. We service a variety of sectors: banking, technology, health care, real estate, insurance, etc.